I'm raising money for Project Anak Malaysia 2022, in the spirit of fighting education inequity! Please support me by donating or sharing this with your family and friends ^^

My Story

Upon graduating from UCL in 2020, I joined Teach For Malaysia as an intern, with the intention to learn more about the organisation and gain insights on education inequity in Malaysia. While in TFM, I had the opportunity to assist a colleague in conducting a research on educational issues in Sabah, and things that I came across broke my heart. Their socioeconomic status and condition has been a major factor in the dropout and absenteeism among the students, and my research experience led me to become aware of the existence of alternative learning centres (ALCs) for those who can't afford mainstream education. I believe these students definitely deserve better opportunities for their education and future.

So what is Project Anak Malaysia, you may ask?
Project Anak Malaysia (formerly known as Project Teringai-Tumunda) is one of Charisma Movement’s annual flagship projects. It actually started off as Project Inspire Teringai in 2012 where volunteers taught the students in SK Temuno Teringai Darat (SKTTD) and expanded to include SK Tumunda Salimandut in 2016.

This project usually takes place over two weeks, covering various aspects of education with an emphasis being placed on the English language and Mathematics, as well as the importance of health and hygiene. Each year, Charisma Movement (CM) volunteers will spend the entire duration of the project teaching and inspiring the student beneficiaries. The project has been receiving positive feedbacks from the teachers and students over the years. Next year, CM would like to continue to work with SK Temuno Teringai Darat and SK Tumunda Salimandut while expanding to SK Samparita. This is where we need YOUR support to continue inspiring the students and giving our best efforts in the planning and execution of this project!

That said, in conjunction with Project Anak Malaysia, I will be providing assignment proofreading and resume review service for university students applying for jobs/internships to fundraise for this project! 📝💼

Fees for the services are as follow:
Resume review (max 2 pages only):
- Review only: RM5
- Review and edit: RM10
Assignment proofreading (limited up to 8000 words only):
- RM5 per 1000 words of the original document (grammar, spelling (including country-specific spelling), sentence structure and coherency)

Previously, I have successfully fundraised RM240 for Small Changes and RM750 for Charisma Movement in 2021 through my  resume review and proofreading services. Check out what others thought about my service in the gallery! 

So what are you waiting for? Sign up here!

For any information and enquiries, feel free to reach out to me (Hamizah) at or @hamizahafandi

Feel free to share this with your friends and family! Your support is highly appreciated <3

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    Good job! Love what you are doing!

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    Thank you for your service! Good luck in your future endeavours :)

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    thanks mizah ur service has always been greattt 🥺

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    Thank you so much for the amazing service, I wish you all the best on achieving your target!

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