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Ever since my volunteering trip to rural Sabah in 2017, I have learned that there are kids out there with great potentials but not the privileges to explore them. I have met students who live so deep in the area that it takes them 2 hours to walk to their schools; and some who have only started going to school when they are 9 years old because their parents preferred for them to stay back and help with their farming chores. I felt SO lucky to have basic necessities like electricity supply, internet connection, transport arrangements to schools, and even the ability to read and write well. It hurts me seeing wasted potential in the younger generation, and I would like to extend a helping hand.

  Seeing how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the entire nation both economically and socially, I dread to imagine the current situation in rural Sabah. Good for us, Charisma Movement has worked with 3 schools around Kota Marudu in Sabah, namely SK Temunda Salimandut, SK Samparita and SK Temuno-Teringai Darat, over the years and they are currently raising funds to help. I figured that I could use this campaign that they have created to fundraise for the students at these schools and their families. We will be purchasing basic goods for these families in need, to help them pass this extremely tough time a little smoother, which in turn contributes to helping the kids return to school earlier.

  I am offering my second poetry compilation, titled 'After All', as a fundraising initiative. This collection was created entirely in 2021, and has explored many themes which I found new and relevant. This includes thoughts on death, coming out of one's comfort zone, hopelessness in a pandemic, the current stressful overload of our Malaysian healthcare system and insignificance in general. On top of 20+ brand new poems, it also features some exclusive travel photos from my 2021 trip to Iceland. This goes without saying that you may expect picturesque shots of dramatic landscapes. Also, majestic waterfalls, floating icebergs and flowing lava!!!

Pictured: Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach, Iceland

  Each digital copy costs only a minimum of RM10 or GBP2. All funds collected during this campaign (7 Aug - 15 Sept 2021) will be directed to the families in Sabah. You will receive the copy at the end of this campaign via email. So, please remember to leave your names and contact details (emails), so I can send you a personal note alongside the copy.

Find the fundraising page here:

It would make my day if you could share your kindness. Thank you!

Sneak peak:
Pictured: Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, Iceland

PS. my first poetry collection, titled 'CHECKMATE', was released last summer as a fundraising initiative for Charisma Movement as well. If you are interested in getting a copy, please email me at

Euan Thum,
7 August 2021.

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