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23rd Angkor Wat International Half-Marathon – December the 2nd, 2018Join us for the 23rd Angkor Wat International Half-Marathon and
run as 'Phare' as you can" for arts and education with Phare Ponleu Selpak.

Phare Ponleu Selpak is a Cambodian non-profit arts school located in Battambang, offering support to children, youth and surrounding communities through artistic, educational and community outreach and engagement programs. It is a robust performing, visual and applied arts program where the passion for arts and education shines more than ever, and where the idea of arts as a tool for human development and social change is experienced daily. Our purpose: changing lives through the arts - Music, Circus, Dance, Theatre, Visual Arts, Graphic Design and Animation and Kindergarden education.

Every year, more than 1,000 children and youth are empowered by the wide range of our programs. Embrace what you are passionate about and… 
Run for Music 
Phare Ponleu Selpak is training the next generation of Cambodian musicians, sound designers and composers. In 2014, a section of the old music school collapsed and for safety reasons, the whole building had to be destroyed. Since they don’t have any dedicated space to learn and create, our young musicians find themselves forced to train and perform where they can find some space to play and organize jam sessions without disturbing the other classes. Most of the time, they gather under the campus’ big trees, at the mercy of the unpredictable Cambodian weather…
Our music students need a new space and music equipment to create, perform and collaborate! That is why we initiated the construction of a brand new building made of five classrooms and a central pavilion stage to perform and gather. Another USD 88,000 are need to complete the construction. By fundraising for our new music school, help us change lives through music!

Run for Dance
Since 2013, our dance students learn the techniques of traditional Apsara, folk dancing and other skills in order to become professional dancers in Cambodia. Before each circus show, they meet their first audience by performing traditional choreographies under our Big Top. Around 125 dancers are taking dance classes as a leisure activity, and around 40 enrolled in our 8 year vocational training program. Run for Dance to help cover the USD 28,800 per year cost for training these 40 students.

Run for Circus
Juggling, acrobatics, aerial arts, clowning, balance… Besides being taught by local teachers and performing weekly under our Big Top for locals as well as tourists, students learn from international artists and tour around Cambodia and overseas to improve their techniques and get inspiration from international modern circuses. After graduating our program, most students continue their passion as professional performers thanks to Phare, The Cambodian Circus, a performing social enterprise founded in 2013 and located in Siem Reap. We need funds to replace most of our aging light and sound system, budgeted to cost USD 35,000. By fundraising for the circus, you will ensure the training and career of our most energetic and dynamic students in a professional environment.

Run for Theatre
Since 2001, a group of theatre students regularly perform awareness-raising plays all around Cambodia. The aim of the theatre group is to inspire discussions and thoughts on topics such as AIDS, human trafficking, LGBTQI, domestic violence, hygiene and sanitation, in collaboration with local and international NGOs. As acting is a major part of all the performing arts, it is a compulsory class for all our performing arts students. Some of our students have performed in Cambodian and international movies and plays. It costs us about USD 720 per year to fund one student through theatre education per year. With 8 years of required programming, each student needs an investment of USD 5760 to graduate from the program. Currently we have 36 students pursuing Theatre as a vocation. Run for theatre to ensure these 36 students can have the support to complete their program.

Run for Visual and Applied Arts
Phare is training the next generation of visual artists and participates in the renewal of arts in Cambodia. The program extended a few years ago to include applied arts thanks to a 3-year curriculum in graphic design and animation. With the development of applied arts as a growing industry in Cambodia 100% of our graduates get a job after their graduation. We are keen to welcome every student interested into the visual and applied arts, despite their socio-economic or geographic situations by offering tuition and living sponsorships. A full tuition scholarship costs USD 2,000 per student per year while an additional living scholarship for students coming from far away cities costs USD 900 per student per year. We are raising funds to support tuition scholarships for 25 students and living scholarships for 10 students. Run to raise funds for Visual and Applied Arts scholarships! 
Run for the Kindergarten
Help us provide a high quality education to 250 kids between the ages of 3 to 6 by fundraising for our Kindergarten. The program, which is entirely free, aims to provide an education in-line with international standards including an arts curriculum. Every year, we need USD 60,000 to support the direct costs of the Kindergarten.

Run for Child Protection 
Our team of social workers monitor and offer advice to the families and children that require protection and support. They endeavor to develop trusting relationships with these families through structured meetings, visits and constant communication. Depending on each situation, the Child Protection Program can provide free lunch on school days, individual counselling, emotional support and collective awareness-raising, school kits, bicycles, monthly stipends and first aid and basic health services. We currently support the most vulnerable children in 3 communes and would like to expand our support to 2 additional communes costing us an additional USD 10,000 per year. By choosing to run for our Child Protection Program, you can help us support more and more children to thrive in their lives and studies.

Thank you for helping us "Change Lives Through The Arts!"

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