Im raising money to pay the veterinarians in PPBCC (Philippines Pet Birth Control Center) so that I can make a Free Pet Medical Mission here in my beloved province since the Overpopulation of stray pets are blowing. Please support me by donating.

My Story

Good day! I am a 19 year old Animal Welfare Advocate from the Province of Rizal,Philippines. I started rescuing strays when i was 17 years old. I came to the realization that saving strays wont be enough if i dont go to the cut the roots of the problem which is the over population of strays which leads to negligence and even worse, spread of rabies. I already coordinated with the PPBCC and they told me the rates. Which is 500PHP per cat and 1000PHPper dog. Their minimum is 100pets to be neutered and castrated in a day in order for them to visit my town. Which is equals to 50,000 if only all are cats, but if some are dogs, it may be equal to 75,000. I am fundraising this from my heart to help the animals in need because my heart breaks everytime i see stray animals starving by themselves in the streets, even worse, being thrown out to die.

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