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WOW we are over 88% to our target !!! Help the animals !!! I would like to extend an invite to anyone willing to participate in helping to raise funds in conjunction with Farringdon Group, KL Expat Malaysia and KL Expat Malaysia Golf Community for PAWS Animal Welfare Society. We are looking for a combined contribution of RM30,000 and for this it would mean we would be able to Roof, Fence, Clear and create a fun outside space for their animals.. Please support me by donating.

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January 2018 UPDATE - Enrich Focus Landscaping Contractors have now finished the ground work, see below for pics.....The fencing contractor will be in soon and then we will place the benches/parasols in the garden ....THEN we will start with some roofing and more fund raising...

Hi Everyone in KL and around the World,
PAWS (PAWS Animal Welfare Society) is a non-profit animal shelter in Petaling Jaya that has been in operation since 1987. We receive the surrender of unwanted dogs and cats which we will vaccinate, deworm, neuter/spay, and put up for adoption. Currently, there are over 250 dogs and 250 cats under the care of the shelter. The shelter and all costs involved in running it are entirely funded by the generous donations of the public as well as proceeds from charitable events

The PAWS team consists of three office staff, a number of part-time veterinarians, one vet assistant and seven kennel workers. PAWS is a registered Society under the Registry of Societies of Malaysia that is led by an elected committee -   

We have currently had pledges and donations to the total of MYR26,251 which is absolutely amazing as we are over 88% of the way to our target, Thank you !! ......................................BUT we do need MORE !!   

We are looking to fund raise a combined contribution of RM30,000 and for this it would mean we would be able to Roof, Fence, Clear and create a fun outside space for the animals making it a perfect area for the dogs to play and for potential adopters to sit, watch and play with the dog in a friendly environment.....However it would be fantastic if we could hit RM35,000 as this will provide PAWS enough funds for some new cages for the animals too.

Enrich Focus Sdn Bhd - have kindly donated to the charity their time to clearing the site, levelling the area, bulldozing the fragments of building material that have been dumped over the years and to get rid of dead trees/palms will be doing the work and funds raised will go towards, top soils, pebbles etc to make the area fun for the animals.

To any corporate sponsors’ looking to donate, we will be also be placing a plaque and sign board up within the playground with all your company details as well as adding them to PAWS website and, FB, Instagram etc etc, so I hope you will see that we will also promote your business and build a relationship for the future. Farringdon Group Ltd started the fund with a RM5000 donation so we'd like your support and you'd make a lot of animals very happy.

If you are unable to donate but you would like offer your company services as we are looking to find someone who can assist with the roofing, fencing and now the landscaping (Please email me if you are happy to donate your time and materials)

THANK YOU ALL, we are over halfway to our first total, please keep giving, spread the word as this is an amazing cause and they really need our help !!

Please share the link below on any social media or kindly contact me directly if you would like to be a corporate donor.

Thanks again for your time and hope we can hit this target together

+60 2026 0286

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