Happy sea turtles, healthy oceans. We have set off on a journey to leave a positive impact on our environment by lending a helping hand to our sea turtles. Will you join us?

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We are a team of 15 dedicated students from Heriot-Watt University who have gathered over our mutual love for the environment and all its inhabitants, flora and fauna alike.

We hope to save our fellow sea friends, the turtles from extinction. We are concerned of their declining population, hence, we've dedicated ourselves to this project so we can save them by raising the funds needed to purchase and incubate the turtle eggs. These turtles eggs are taken care of until the baby turtles have hatched and can be safely released back to their home in the sea. 

The money raised will be channeled to Lang Tengah Turtle Watch, located in Terengganu, where we can be assured that the sea turtles are in safe, loving hands.

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    CONTINUE THE YOUR GREAT EFFORT....the competition to the be one of the Top Fundraiser is not yet over...….Your team still have 17 days to Go...….ALL THE BEST....

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