I might only be 8 but I care and want to make a difference to the endangered animals of Indonesia. Please support me by donating.

My Story

Hi, my name is Oscar. I am 8 and live in Shropshire, England. We don't have any pets but I love animals and wildlife. My great Great-Auntie Nettie set up ASTI (the Animal Sanctuary Trust Indonesia) and lives and works in there at the Sanctuary. I really want to help animals, because humans are taking away their homes and making their lives hard. It's not fair. My Great-Auntie looks after the animals that are endangered and hopefully some can be returned to the wild. I think her job is great, I would like to do that job but I live in England. It is expensive to look after the animals so I want to help by raising some money to help look after some of them. 

I have decided to do a challenge this summer to raise money for the animals. I will be climbing up three of the hills round my house in Shropshire; the Caradoc, the Ragleth and the Lawley with my family. Then we will drive to Wales and I have challenged myself to cycle all the way around Lake Vyrnwy. This is a long way, it is about 13 miles and is further than I have ever cycled. I like cycling to school but that is only 1 mile. I hope I can do it. I want to do this challenge over the summer and raise money for the animals. Please donate and make me happy.

To find out more about ASTI you can follow them on Twitter here: and keep up to date with all the amazing work they are doing with animals including the Sumatran Tiger and Sumatran Orangutan . 

Oscar has completed two of the challenges so far, he climbed the Ragleth on Monday 28th May with us all. He climbed with great determination and was really proud of himself. It took a while as we had Oscar's little brother Toby with us who, as a small 6 year old, found it tough on his little legs! On Tuesday we drove to Wales and cycled round Lake Vyrnwy. Again, Oscar showed fantastic focus and completed the ride in 2 hours (with a lunch break!) - and again Toby completed it too, just quite a bit slower and with more stops!
Thanks to everyone so far for the donations, Oscar is so pleased that he is able to make a difference.
A message from ASTI:  11 June 2018. Hi Oscar, thank you so much from all of us at ASTI for setting up this fundraiser and for working so hard to help the animals. It’s really great of you. And thank you also to all the people who have donated; your donations will help ASTI to take care of, rehabilitate and release animals back to their habitats.
On 24th July Oscar and his Dad climbed the Caradoc to watch the sunset and then camped out over night. We just have the Lawley left to go now and hope to get that ticked off our list this summer.
Thank you all so much for your support. Oscar completed his challenge this morning , climbing the Lawley on a very blustery day. We were rewarded with a beautiful rainbow half way up and a biscuit break at the top! Oscar is very proud of the amount he has raised and wants to say thank you to everyone. 

Another message from ASTI:

17 September 2018. Hi again Oscar,’s wonderful that you have raised such a lot of money for the animals at ASTI. Well done; what an amazing effort! We’re all really proud of you and this will help the animals so much. Thank you for doing your challenges which enabled these funds to be raised, and thank you to all the great people who backed you in your challenges! Please let us know how you would like ASTI to spend your donation; here are some options you might like to think about:

* Medicines and/or small pieces of equipment for the clinic so our vet can take good care of the animals

* Transport boxes to use when we send animals like orangutans and gibbons back to their home ranges to get released

* Incubators for rescued baby monkeys and apes when they first arrive at ASTI

* Rolls of fish netting that we use for the “walls” of the eagle enclosures

* Food for tiger Eva for about one month

What do you think Oscar? Whatever you decide will be a huge help to the animals. Thank you again from all of us!

Recent Donors

  • Peter Carty

    Donation given to Oscar's Dad from Peter Carty of The National Trust - Cardingmill Valley.

    GBP 10 08/10/2018

  • The Doleys

    Donated by the Doley family :)

    GBP 10 27/09/2018

  • Angela Reading

    USD 25 16/09/2018

  • Chocolate Haven customers

    Sue Fox and Ann Dunn very kindly asked if they could have a sponsorship form for the customers of Chocolate Haven, Church Stretton, to be able to sponsor Oscar. They have collected a fantastic £50. Thank you every one who donated and Sue and Ann for your support.

    GBP 50 16/09/2018

  • Kay Glover

    Hey Oscar. Ronnie, Steev & I think what you are doing is totally awesome. Your actions will really make a difference. Keep on changing the world!

    GBP 50 06/08/2018

  • Outdoor Depot Customer

    Oscar met some Outdoor Depot customers whilst climbing The Caradoc who were so impressed with his enthusiasm for ASTI that they gave him this £10 to donate to his challenge. Thank you!

    GBP 10 05/08/2018

  • Sally Payne

    GBP 10 14/07/2018

  • Angela, Tracy and Tania

    GBP 15 22/06/2018

  • Willow Class

    Dear Oscar, We would like to give you the money we raised from the recipe books for your animal fundraising. With love from Willow class.

    GBP 32 22/06/2018

  • Clare Carl Daisy Florence

    Well done :-)

    GBP 5 09/06/2018

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