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Hi! I’m Zelya Affandi, I am 18, and I’m a post spm student currently trying to help our mother earth by getting involved in anything related to education, environmental, welfare, empowerments and whatnots.

I’ve always loved spending time outdoors, and Ihave spent most of my free time in nature since I was young. As I matured, I realized that many of the things I love are in danger of pollution and may not remain pristine for much longer. So since I’ve been exposed to group activities at a very young age, I would love to be involved in the charisma movement community to save the environment together. Hence, I also believe that everyone plays a role in saving the ocean and there are many ways for you to lend a helping hand. One of them is by donating your clothes to be sold in exchange for money to fundraise for our sea friends! Grab this opportunity to be the change!

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  • Anonymous

    i love how zelya is so passionate about our environment and is committed to make the world a better place! there certainly is no reason not to support and donate when its for a good cause; the world needs more people like you!!

    MYR 10 07/01/2022 02:04:55 PM UTC

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