It isn't just about teaching people how to swim. Splash is about building a thriving, empowered community that treasures learning, overcoming challenges, and physical development at any age or income level.

My Story

As swammers (definition: former competitive swimmers) and recreational fitness swimmers, we often take for granted how special it is that we know how to swim.  We remember the hours spent complaining about swim practice and lamenting the cold water, when in reality, many people are clamoring at the opportunity to learn.

Splash launched its first class of 20 participants in 2015.  Now, it's an organization where Splash shirts are seen everywhere on Sundays and Kyra can't go outside without being recognized by all the "Aunties."  The face of swimming in Hong Kong has changed drastically due to Splash.  Go to any public pool or beach, and you'll see Splashers practicing every weekend.  Nearly every open water swimming event includes Splash competitors and is staffed with Splash volunteers. 

Numbers aside, the best part of the program is witnessing individual swimmers overcome their fears, embrace facing challenges head on, and learn that with diligent practice, a person can accomplish anything. 

This year, all members of our household will be competing on our family Splash Dash Relay.  Our helper Jen learned to swim with Splash starting in April 2018.  She is now diligently training for her first swimming competition.  Unfortunately for her, the rest of her team is Not Fast, Just Furious.  Only Kyra in the inflatable speedboat can save the day.   

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    HKD 800 03/04/2019

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    Swim on, furious swimmers!

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    Is there a prize for funniest team name ? And one for most creative way to do kick sets ? You win both !!

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    We wish you all the best Ryan & Linh! Can't wait to see Kyra in the water too! Love you all! Mandy, Blake and the girls

    USD 50 28/03/2019

  • Betsy Neely

    Best of luck Ryan and Linh! Love, Alan and Betsy

    HKD 500 25/03/2019

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