YWAM Tuen Mun

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Raised So Far HKD 34,460

YWAM Tuen Mun

About your nonprofit
YWAM Tuen Mun is a non-government non-profit organisation founded in 2012 and we have obtained the tax-exempt charity status under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance. We are dedicated to serving the local community through our food bank, training programmes and interactive community programmes to provide holistic care. We serve both individual beneficiaries as well as small charities that are lacking manpower and resources. We also partner with schools as well as companies to raise awareness of poverty and together we aim to empower the youth and the people in need.  YWAM Tuen Mun:

    • Feeds 7,000 people per month
    • Reaches out to 40 cardboard collectors per month 
    • Runs 4 food assistance programmes at different locations in Tuen Mun
    • Has given out 15,000 masks during the Covid-19 crisis 
    • Has rescued and redistributed around 460 tons of food
    • Has run over 100 Blessing Bags programmes for the community in the past eight years
    • Partners with over 80 local and international charities and churches to serve the communities
    • Works with over 20 local and international schools to inspire the youth 
    • Has run 15 performing arts and English training camps in the past eight years

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