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TECH Outreach

Transforming Disadvantaged Women from Poverty to Economic Empowerment

TECH Outreach reaches out to disadvantage women by providing micro-credit financing (interest free) for them to build small business venture. More info:

TECH Outreach was introduced in Malaysia in 2004 by Dr. Selvamalar Ayadurai (Dr. A. S. Malar), an Entrepreneurship Consultant, who has worked closely with the women of the war-torn zone in the North-East of Sri Lanka. In 2008, Dr. Selvamalar Ayadurai expanded the scope of TECH Outreach to cover not just communities in Sri Lanka but disadvantaged communities in Malaysia, Nepal and other parts of the world that require socio-economic and technological development. TECH Outreach was formed in 2008 and registered with the Registrar of Societies in May 2009.

TECH Outreach Malaysia functions on the platform to transform, enhance, cultivate and harness the elements imperative to championing the SELF-SUSTAINABILITY pursuit in disadvantaged communities.

TECH Outreach Malaysia penetrated Nepal in 2014 with their Savings and Credit Scheme for Women Headed Households. The women selected initiated income generation businesses involved in tailoring, food stall, tea shops, vegetable stalls at the local markets and selling decorative items and cosmetic jewellery. The women repaid their loans on a weekly basis over a period of 18 months.

The impact was amazing. Once helpless and dependent on handouts, they were now running their own businesses, faced with "real" business issues such as marketing, customer relationship, accounts keeping and financial management.

In 2015, TECH Outreach Malaysia introduced a school sponsorship programme called Bridging School Project, which has helped to sponsor 5 schools in Nepal with a total number of 450 children between the ages of 5 and 12, providing basic school materials, English School teacher and better teaching equipment at those schools.

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