Hongkong Friends of SOS Children's Villages

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Hongkong Friends of SOS Children's Villages

Founded in 1949, we are the largest nonprofit in the world dedicated to the care of orphaned, abandoned and other vulnerable children. Through our family support and care programs, medical centers, schools and emergency relief efforts we impact the lives of millions of children and families. 

Working for Children in East Asia 

In East Asia we work in China, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines. Children growing up in East Asia face a diversity of problems. Some are common to the whole region, where trafficking has destroyed lives for decades and poverty plagues those living in rural parts. Others are unique to individual countries, such as unexploded bombs left over from the war in Laos and the natural disasters which have troubled Thailand in recent decades. SOS Children’s Villages works in more than 130 countries across the world.

Your contribution can make a big difference in the lives of orphaned, abandoned and other vulnerable children. 

Every donation makes a big difference to our work and helps provide much-needed support to children in East Asia. Click on the Donate Now button to contribute or help raise more funds by selecting Fundraise for Us

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