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SOSD is a voluntary welfare organization that focuses on the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of Singapore’s street dogs, management of the stray dog population and implementing programs that involve rescue dogs that would contribute to the well-being of both humans and canines.

Rescue and Rehabilitation
:  SOSD rescues stray and abandoned dogs which are housed either in SOSD’s animal shelter or in our fosterers’ homes.   SOSD provides veterinary care (including sterilization), and provide socialization and training so that the rescues become good canine citizens for adoption in good homes.  Dogs with suitable temperaments are also selected for our Healing Paws program.

SOSD’s philosophy is that shelter and foster care are transitional and our rescues should be re-homed to provide companionship and improve on the well-being of society at large.  SOSD carefully screens potential adopters and provide post adoption support and counseling to its adopters.

Trap, Neuter and Release: 
Through SOSD’s trap, neuter and release programs stray dogs are sterilized and treated of pre-existing injuries and illnesses, before being released to their usual abode (these are usually dogs kept by factories and workshops).

Community Outreach: 
SOSD reaches out to students from pre-primary to tertiary levels through programs which are tailored to students of different ages.  These programs aim to increase social awareness, inculcate a culture of kindness to animals and responsible pet ownership.  SOSD also aims to engage students’ interests in volunteerism so that they will lead active community lives that will contribute positively to the well-being of both humans and canines in the society.

Healing Paws
:   This is SOSD’s core outreach program whereby volunteers and dogs visit institutions such as children homes, homes for the aged and hospices to provide comfort, companionship and joy to residents.  Healing Paws’ volunteers makes about two home visits per week.

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