The Hong Kong Centre for Pro Bono Service Limited

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The Hong Kong Centre for Pro Bono Service Limited

The Hong Kong Centre for Pro Bono Service Limited (formerly PILAS*) is an independent non-profit organization established in Hong Kong. Our mission is to assist and empower the impoverished, distressed or vulnerable in our community, who are marginalized or disadvantaged due to a lack of financial or other resources and who cannot adequately protect, advance or represent their own rights and interests.

Our goal is to improve access to justice for the poorest and most needy in our society, as there is a clear link between providing access to justice and the alleviation of poverty. It is also fundamental to the protection and promotion of all other human rights, and the rule of law. Our work therefore focuses on assisting those without the means to adequately exercise their lawful rights and interests.

We rely on the generosity of volunteers and donors to deliver our services to those in need. As a small grassroots non-profit organisation that relies on the generous contributions of individuals like you, your contribution no matter how small can help us make a difference to the lives of the people we serve.

Please visit our website: for more information and news about our activities and projects.

*Established in 2014, PILAS is tax-exempt under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance (Cap 112) as a charitable society. The Centre is its successor entity, with the same charitable purpose but incorporated as a limited liability company and its section 88 status is currently pending IRD approval.

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