Inisiatif Sokongan Autisme Nouri

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Inisiatif Sokongan Autisme Nouri

Mohd Nor Fakhri Affandi, established a foundation known as Inisiatif Sokongan Autisme Nouri (INSANI) in 2012. INSANI is a foundation which seeks to provide affordable care, education, and therapy for children with autism from low-income families. It also aims to raise more awareness about autism, treatments. and diagnosis.

The main driver behind INSANI is Fakhri’s son, Nouri, who was diagnosed with autism in 2011. This led Fakhri to quit his job and take on the role of full-time care-giver for his son. Unfortunately, this left his family with only one income earner, his wife. Fakhri realised that his plight was most probably not unique, hence after some research and discussions with experts in the special needs arena he decided to open a centre, which fulfilled his need as well as that of countless families who have children with autism. This is how Akademi Autisme INSANI was founded under INSANI. 

Akademi Autisme INSANI is a not-for-profit early intervention care, therapy and education centre for children who have autism and are below the age of 9. The centre is specifically catered to providing affordable services for children from low-income households with most parents paying as little as RM300 for full-day care, therapy and education on weekdays. The centre is open from 8am to 6pm for the convenience of parents, allowing them to continue working. 

The centre's daily operations are run by Fakhri and his friend and volunteer, Al Mustaqeem bin Mahmod Radhi. 

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