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Free Tree Society Kuala Lumpur

Free Tree Society spreads the environmental stewardship message through giving away trees for free to green our Earth.

Since 2013, we have given away over 42,200 #freetrees to homeowners, schools, marginalized groups, community gardens and wildlife habitats to proliferate planting, to encourage biodiversity and to promote a love of nature. 

Our society is also proud to be carbon neutral! We walk the talk and strive to ensure that our operations foster activities that balance carbon emissions through carbon offsetting (solar energy, composting, and planting among others).

Under the umbrella of environmental stewardship and environmental awareness, topics that we cover with the public include waste management, rainwater harvesting, gardening and biodiversity. Free Tree Society also promotes the implementation of United Nations instruments and global goals on environmental issues, sustainable development, climate change, and responsible consumption and production. Providing up to date Climate Reality talks encourages people and businesses to prioritize sustainability and lead the green revolution.

We have trained 27,076 environmental stewards - including reaching 6,788 people in 2021 through our various programmes.

Our 3 key programmes are listed below:
Our flagship Bangsar Nursery where the focus of the volunteering activities is to plant trees for the urban setting - edibles, ornamental, fruit trees and small shade trees.

Taman Tugu Nursery with a focus on planting for reforestation of parks and urban community forests. Together with the Environmental Stewardship programme we also include a guided Jungle Walk featuring talks on conservation of ecosystems.

FTS On-the-Go is our mobile/online outreach programme that takes resources, tools and equipment to teachers and students to create a vibrant community of passionate nature enthusiasts and environmentalists in our schools. From preschool to tertiary students our workshops and talks are curated to produce understanding on plants, the climate crisis, conservation, leading sustainable lifestyles and how to plant.

Do join us to volunteer or support to keep the programmes above free for students and the public to participate in. There has never been a more urgent time to lead on sustainability than today. Thank you!

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