ChildAid Asia Malaysia (CAA Malaysia)

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ChildAid Asia Malaysia (CAA Malaysia)

ChildAid Asia, a non-profit organization, believe that the music education helps children to build self-confidence and express themselves, communicate with others, be understood and be recognized as a unique individual. In short, we believe it helps to complete the educational sphere for a person. Therefore, ChildAid Asia seeks to help the less fortunate children with financially disadvantage background to have the opportunity to expose to music education. To achieve this, ChildAid Asia held annual fundraising concert that brings together young performers to support the ICAAN programme, which has now around 50 students being enrolled. 

ICAAN Programme is an educational and empowerment programme initiated by NPO Smiles in collaboration with Rockschool International, to provide music cllasses for the underprivileged children and youth. 

The name ICAAN comes from “I Can!” and CAA (ChildAid Asia), and reflects the core aim of the programme: EMPOWERMENT. 

Aim & Objective of ICAAN
- To build skills and self-confidence through music classes.
- To build sense of achievement through certified music assessments and performances. 
- To direct their energy towards healthy activities.
- To provide an opportunity of a different life pathway. 

What do ICAAN do?
- Provide passionate and capable professional music educators.
- Provide quality music instruments.
- Provide sponsored music exam registrations (globally recognised).
- Provide opportunity to perform with other children in the annual ChildAid Asia concerts. 

“Music empowers by building personal achievements

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