The Child Development Centre

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The Child Development Centre

The Child Development Centre (CDC) uniquely provides support to the widest spectrum of Special Educational Needs (SEN) issues in English and Chinese in Hong kong. Over the past 40 years, we have been delivering a full range of early educational programmes, assessments and therapies. We were also the first centre to integrate typical and children with SEN into group sessions. Our children include those with learning difficulties, developmental delay, autism, Down’s syndrome and physical disabilities.

明德兒童啓育中心 (CDC) 是香港極少數提供中文及英語學前教育和服務的機構,支援廣泛的特殊學習需要。服務香港40年以來,我們一直致力提供一站式的全面早期介入課程、評估和治療。服務對象包括有學習障礙、發展遲緩、自閉症、唐氏綜合症或傷健兒童等。我們更是第一所在香港推行融合教育的中心,為主流兒童和有學習障礙的兒童提供共同學習的機會。

IRD File No: 91/1579

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