Cancer Research Malaysia (CRMY)

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Cancer Research Malaysia (CRMY)

Asians make up almost half of the world’s cancer cases, but are represented in less than 10% of cancer research globally.

Cancer Research Malaysia is the only independent, non-profit research organisation in Malaysia focusing on cancer research in Asians.

Our PRIORITY is to ensure Asians are not left out in the fight against cancer.
Our MISSION is to save lives through impactful research focused on Asians, especially Malaysians.

We make sure that impactful research is conducted for cancers common in the Asian region so that we can:
  • Develop better treatment options
  • Develop personalised screening strategies
  • Develop culturally relevant tools to meet local needs
  • Increase overall survival of Asian cancer patients
Some examples of our work include:
  • Developing the 1st Malaysian-made Oral Cancer Vaccine
  • The MeMoSa® app: An app to detect oral cancer
  • ARiCa: An Asian Risk Calculator for Asian breast cancer patients
  • Building the largest genetic database of Asian breast cancers to better understand and fight the disease
  • Genetic Testing and Counselling services to assess inherited genetic risks for early detection and prevention
  • Working with the Ministry of Health to provide low-income breast cancer patients holistic support and timely access to life-saving treatment through our Patient Navigation Programme

RESEARCH focused, COMMUNITY driven

Every new discovery we make brings us one step closer to beating cancer. Our team of award-winning Malaysian scientists work tirelessly to find new and improved ways to prevent, detect and treat cancer. By donating to Cancer Research Malaysia, you help:
  • Accelerate treatment for cancers in Asians
  • Advance prevention of cancers in Asians
  • Close the cancer care gap
  • Make a difference for cancer patients & save lives 
“Research is a ray of light. Without research, I would most likely not be talking to you today.” – Aishah*

*Aishah (patient name has been changed for privacy), is one of several participants in our clinical trial for breast cancer patients. Among others, she has responded positively to a new form of treatment specifically targeted for Asian breast cancer patients. Your support will provide many more patients like Aishah to access better treatment options and give them new hope in their fight against cancer.

Join us today to create a future free of the fear of cancer.

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