Malaysian Adult and Childhood Obesity Prevention Organisation

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Malaysian Adult and Childhood Obesity Prevention Organisation

Who are we?
Our non-profit organisation, Malaysian Adult and Childhood Obesity Prevention Organisation, was founded in 2019 by our chairman, Kevin Zahri to combat the rise of obesity and inactivity amongst the school community in Malaysia.

Our Mission.
To improve Malaysia's standing where it now ranks in the Top 3 of the most obese country in South East Asia. We aim to address these issues with the adults and youth by working closely with corporate & government bodies such as the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education & Ministry of Youth & Sports.

Our Vision
1. To empower Malaysians with the right information on living a healthy lifestyle to make the right choices in nutrition, fitness, habits & behaviours.
2. To make sports and fitness activities to all tiers in the community that spans beyond the big cities in Malaysia.
3. To ease access to sports, healthy lifestyle programmes such as Bukan Soal Kurus to all parts of the country.

Our Aim
To ensure the sustainability of our programs ie national, school & corporate programmes by working closely with influential people in the fitness and health industry to infuse it with fun, interactive activities to attract and make living a healthy lifestyle the new norm around the country.

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