Against Child Abuse 防止虐待兒童會

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Against Child Abuse 防止虐待兒童會

Give Ang Pows to Children and their Families In Need

The Against Child Abuse (ACA) was established in 1979 as the charitable organisation specialised in child protection in Hong Kong. We strive to eliminate all forms of child abuse, advocate a total ban of corporal punishment and protect children’s rights. Our mission is to promote a caring and non-violent environment for the optimal growth and development of our children.

In view of the significant increase in the number and severity of child abuse in Hong Kong in recent years, we believe that the current legislation and support are not able to effectively prevent child abuse. ACA look forward to raising public awareness of child abuse, supporting children’s growth and relieving parents’ pressure through different ways, projects and activities.

We need your support to carry out child protection work including parent-child support line, handling of child abuse cases, counseling and therapeutic services for families in need, home visitation programmes, trainings for parents, children and professionals, and advocacy for child protection issues, etc.

Wish you and your family a happy and healthy new year!

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