Mercy Mission Malaysia (inactive)

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Mercy Mission Malaysia (inactive)

Our Vision & Mission

Our To see a world where every Muslim can live faithfully to their belief, building an exemplary Islamic community that benefits humanity. This is our vision, and we pursue this with a methodology that is driven by our faith and our mission, to earn the eternal pleasure of Allah the All-Mighty, by striving with excellence to pursue the vision of the final Messenger.

Mercy Mission is more than an organisation, but rather a collective of visionaries that are eager to benefit humanity through public works, and win the pleasure of their Lord. We work hard and break sectarian and religious boundaries to bring together diverse people with diverse aspirations to aid us in our mercy missions. We take great pride in this, and the achievements that have been possible with the mercy of our lord, are a tribute to this methodology of working.

Since inception, Mercy Mission Malaysia has grown with the help of skilled professionals across multiple sectors working hard to deliver solutions to community problems. The focus of our team is to bring confidence, piety, self-sufficiency and selflessness to countless communities across the country.

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