Malaysia Lotus Charity Care Centre Association

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Malaysia Lotus Charity Care Centre Association


Lotus Charity Care Centre is multi-ethics HOME providing assistance to the old folks and poor children who have nobody to depend on at this moment of time. Some of these old folks and poor children have been abandoned by their families and even rejected by society so there are sheltered here. We provide them a decent place of stay where we feed, clothed and care for them. We also provide FOOD and GOOD EDUCATION for the poor children and also we take them to tuition and give entertainment programs for the children and also the old folks.

Our mission is to create an awareness of a Healthy, Friendly and loving environment for the "family" that we care for.


In February 2016, our home was burnt to the ground. And since then our 26 children and their caretakers are living in a small 3-bedroom rented house. We make do with whatever we can. Currently there is a campaign running here to fundraise to rebuild a new home for our children. If you would like to contribute to rebuilding our home, please go to the link above. Money raised through that fundraising page is dedicated to rebuilding our orphanage.


We are currently caring for 25 elderly folks and 26 orphaned children. Many of the old folks are homeless, handicapped, poor and abandoned. Some are incapable of paying any money, some are paying a small token for thier stay here while others are on charity.

We support our children and want to ensure they all get a good education.

We are an organisation that relies on the support of the generous public and some are from our internal funds. We seek to assist humanity by our actions rather than words. Although we do not receive any Government Funding (as yet), we do have kind hearted people from all walks of life who occasionally support and feed our old folks and children.

We would like to seek your assistance and hope that kind donors will be able to contribute a small amount to us every month. This will ensure we have a sustainable source of funding each month to meet our most urgent needs.

Our total monthly expenses is about RM33,400 (and broken down as follows):

Food (for 25 elderly and 26 children) RM9,000
Rental of 2 houses RM4,000
Staff (9 caretakers) RM11,200
Utilities (water, electricity, phone) RM1,100
Transportation and Fuel RM3,700
Education expenses RM1,200
Other necessities RM3,200

You can help us by clicking on the "Donate Now" button aboce and select the "I would like to make this a regular donation every month" option on the donation page. We appreciate your kind support!

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