The Jane Goodall Institute (Hong Kong)

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The Jane Goodall Institute (Hong Kong)

For more than a decade, The Jane Goodall Institute Hong Kong has provided and supported a wide range of conservation education programs for children and youth in Hong Kong. The institute is focused on empowering youth to take constructive actions to protect the environment, wildlife and to serve the community. 

Support our conservation efforts. 

  • HK $150/ month provides biodiversity education materials for a student workshop 
  • HK $550/ month brings a local university student to our compassionate leadership workshop 
  • HK $1,000/ month provides incubation fund for our ambassadors to start their roots and shoots initiatives! 
  • HK $2,000/ month keeps lights and water on at the campus every day!

Monthly giving allows us to plan more effectively and ensures your contribution has the greatest possible impacts!

Donation Inquiry: [email protected]