Hope Mission Home 愿望儿童之家

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Hope Mission Home 愿望儿童之家

Hope Mission Home was incepted in 2008 by its Director, Pr. Johnathan Muthal. It was registered with the Registry of Societies and also with the Social Welfare Department. It is a non-profit organization and we are officially known as Hope Mission Welfare Society of Teluk Intan Perak. Its mission is to give HOPE to underprivileged children who are abused, abandoned, neglected or from a broken family. 

We provide these children shelter and basic needs. Apart from these, education is also provided for them.

Currently, there are 39 children under our wings and they are made up of the Chinese, Chindians, Punjabis and Indians.

The youngest child is 5 years old while the eldest is 18.

We are renting 3 units of premises to shelter these children.

Our Vision :

To bring HOPE to children by helping them to :
- Become independent, decent and helpful citizens for the good and welfare of any society.
- Have a better tomorrow and a positive behavior wherever they choose to live.
- Have positive thought for a better tomorrow.
我们的愿景 :

帮助他们带给他们希望 -
- 成为任何社会有体面及有用的公民。
- 拥有一个更美好的明天。

Our Mission :
- To manage the Home in a professional and trustworthy manner.
- To provide help and shower love and care to children.
- To provide safety to these children and protect them from any criticism.
- To guide them in a discipline way.
- To help to bring out their talent and skill and to provide them with training.
- To create suitable activities through counseling and motivational talk.
- To build up their confident.

我们的使命 :

- 以专业和值得信赖的方式管理愿望之家。
- 提供帮助、爱以及关心孩童们。
- 在纪律的方式下引导他们。
- 创建通过辅导和激励的谈话活动。
- 建立他们的信心。

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