Donate Equally To 2 Charities (The Zubin Foundation & Outward Bound Hong Kong)

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Donate Equally To 2 Charities (The Zubin Foundation & Outward Bound Hong Kong)


Established in 1970, Outward Bound Hong Kong is a registered charity and not-for-profit organisation specialising in outdoor education.

Our Mission We help people discover and develop their potential to care for themselves, others and the word around them through challenging experiences in unfamiliar settings. Using the land and sea as a classroom, Outward Bound’s programmes allow a wide variety of people of all ages to unleash their potential through mental and physical challenges.  

You Can Help
 Through our fundraising efforts we provide opportunities for Hong Kong’s less advantaged, helping groups such as young offenders, drug rehabilitation patients, ethnic minorities, survivors of cancer and the disabled increase their confidence and learn strategies to tackle life’s challenges. Through specialised adventurous and challenging outdoor courses, these participants learn essential life skills such as leadership, team-building and communication, that they can go on to use within the community.


The Zubin Foundation is a charity whose mission is to advance fairness and opportunity for Hong Kong’s vulnerable communities. It is a leading voice for Hong Kong’s ethnic minority population, committed to ensuring that this important constituency is represented and heard at the policy-making level, and supported through high-impact interventions.

In 2018, The Zubin Foundation will launch a pilot intervention programme to help non-Chinese speaking families who have children with special education needs. This population is among Hong Kong’s most marginalised; their needs are not met by the public education system, and in most cases, parents cannot afford private schooling or therapy services.

Your money will directly support this initiative, enabling The Zubin Foundation to offer private counselling and training to parents of special needs children, and dedicated workshops for schools, ensuring that this under-served group doesn’t get left further behind.

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