Dragonfly – A Project for Cambodia's Youth

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Raised So Far USD 4,162

Dragonfly – A Project for Cambodia's Youth

Dragonfly is the registered charity for HAVEN, "Cycling to Stop the Traffik's" chosen charity for 2015, which trains Cambodia's impoverished from the poor rural areas, orphanages, the streets and trafficking shelters, as cooks and waiters in their restaurant, giving them hope for their future. The lack of prospects is a major challenge for youths in the countryside, which often live in extreme poverty. Most have no occupational perspective due to poor education and an insufficient social infrastructure. 

HAVEN trains the youths for one-year, providing them with free housing, meals, clothes, medical and personal hygiene care, bicycles as well as a trainee allowance.

One of the trainees HAVEN recently admitted into their program, turned up at their doorstep in tears, saying she couldn’t start the training program as her family was sending her to Thailand to work. This is a trend that is increasing and is very scary, as these girls are vulnerable and likely to end up being trafficked.

HAVEN will start building a second training restaurant to be able to offer more vocational training positions for disadvantaged young adults which should be self-sustainable within 2-3 years and that's what we're raising money for - to change the lives of people who, without HAVEN CAMBODIA, would have no future.

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