Dignity and Services (D&S)

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Dignity and Services (D&S)

Dignity and Services (D&S) has been working for and with persons with learning disabilities (PwLD) under a capacity of nonprofit organization since 1991. (intellectual disabilities). 

Throughout three decades of establishment, D&S has supported individuals on the broad spectrum of neurological disorders including persons with Down Syndrome, Autism, Asperger, Dyslexia, ADHD and other developmental delays.

D&S has been in the role of a facilitator and launched various projects, programmes and events to spread awareness and support the development and growth of PwLD learning. These activities are modelled to ensure:
  • PwLD living skills are nurtured and sustained
  • PwLD rights are upheld and voices heard
  • job opportunities for PwLD
  • public awareness and understanding on issues affecting PwLD
Please help us support Person with Learning Disability!  

Your generous contribution will enable us to fund the programmes and facilities to help the PwLD community gain independence and meaningful life, regardless of the degree of challenges and anxieties they face in learning, communicating and using their motor skills, they are to be treated with dignity and respect. 

Thank you and welcome to the Dignity & Services family.

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