Hi, I am turning 46 this Sept. 24. I have made a decision to donate my birthday and will not be accepting any gifts! So if you want to celebrate my birthday or want an excuse to donate to a meaningful charity this is your chance. My chosen cause is to HELP THE PEOPLE OF MARAWI through WORLD VISION.

My Story

Have you come to a point in your life that you feel so blessed by God and all seemed to be going your way? Have someone touched you with kindness and  you have that urge to pay it forward but does not exactly know how.  This I hope will bring you to PAUSE and to ACT.

Someone did say, "No one wins in a war.  They lost, but we didn't win." The number of internally displaced persons in Marawi has reached more than 200,000.  Let us help the  families affected and displaced by the crossfire.  WORLD VISION is ready to respond to the urgent needs of the displaced families by providing hygiene kits and non-food items such as mosquito nets, mats, blankets and malong.  The children will also be provided with learning spaces and learner's kits.

World Vision, 60 years in the Philippines, is a Christian non-profit humanitarian organization dedicated to caring for children and building sustainable communities. Through your online support, your donation  will go directly to WORLD VISION for financial accountability and transparency.  

My World Vision journey started way back in 2001 that led me to sponsor a child from Isabela for 14 years until he graduated in high school. Today he is aiming to join the Philippine Coast Guard.  Since then I have continued the journey, this time sponsoring a Grade 3 child from Antique. My 16 years relationship with World Vision has been of trust and fulfillment, and I want you to experience it as well.

"When God blesses us financially, don't raise our standard of living.  Raise our standard of GIVING." - Mark Batterson

Recent Donors

  • Nikkie Velasco

    PHP 1,000 27/09/2017

  • Anonymous

    Belated Happy Birthday! Praying more people will be like you spreading the love in giving and that will make them feel that God is alive and it will goes back to you a hundred folds..amen.

    PHP 2,500 26/09/2017

  • Janet Verceles

    PHP 2,000 25/09/2017

  • Car and Stefi Medalla

    Happy birthday Ma'am Mel ! All the best. ❤

    PHP 2,000 25/09/2017

  • angelica isaguirre

    PHP 1,500 25/09/2017

  • Peach Duldulao

    PHP 1,000 25/09/2017

  • Anonymous

    PHP 1,000 25/09/2017

  • Agnes Co

    PHP 2,500 25/09/2017

  • Anonymous

    PHP 2,500 24/09/2017

  • Maria Celeste Lasala

    PHP 2,000 24/09/2017

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