I'm going to be 3 this weekend! All I want is cupcakes and orange and purple macarons. And 10 friends! (and mama hopes that we can raise some funds for a cause that is close to our hearts)

My Story

We are raising funds again for Yayasan Chow Kit. Tini, our favourite warrior, works tirelessly to protect all children. And we want to be able to support that. We hope that this will be our new family tradition. 

We will be supporting YCK's Baby Health Fund this year.

YCK offers support to families who need help to take care of their infants as well. Many of YCK's clients are from the marginalized and low-income community in Kuala Lumpur hence they might not have access to the best pre-natal care during pregnancy. More often than not, they only realized that their infant needs immediate medical care after they are born. When such cases are referred to us, YCK's only option is to reach out to generous donor for additional support as it is challenging for them to gather such huge amount of money in a short period of time.

The stress and desperation to the parents who do not have the means to pay for their babies'care are unimaginable. Some are refused treatment when funds are unavailable. Some take their babies out of the hospital prematurely for fear that they cannot pay the fees. YCK's motto is "Every Child Matter", and we will fight to help every case that is brought to their attention. Your support will give them the opportunity to grow up and thrive.

Naya is also taking part in #MYGiving. We will raise funds and raise awareness for YCK. #EveryChildMatters!

Recent Donors

  • Celine Ooi

    Happy growing up Naya!

    MYR 100 04/12/2019

  • Tunku Eddy Tunku Mudzaffar

    Well done Naya! Such a good cause! And happy belated birthday cutie pie!! From Yah Shu (Achoo)!

    MYR 150 04/12/2019

  • Izlyn Ramli

    Happy 3rd Birthday my darling Naya... we love you very much 💙💙💙

    MYR 100 26/11/2019

  • Zalizan Mohamed noh

    MYR 100 04/11/2019

  • Anonymous

    MYR 10 29/10/2019

  • Aizah Mahmood

    Happy Birthday to Baby Naya. Don’t grow up too fast and come see Mama Aze some time.

    MYR 300 26/10/2019

  • Xin Pei

    Stay as sweet as you are Happy Birthday Naya! You are truly amazing! Continue to inspire plenty of people. We love and support you.

    MYR 50 21/10/2019

  • Mikhail and Mila

    MYR 100 21/10/2019

  • Gong Gong

    Happy Birthday Naya!

    MYR 100 21/10/2019

  • ZS Boys

    Happy birthday Naya! Love, Sean, Sebastian & Sol

    MYR 300 19/10/2019

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