I'm raising money with my classmates for the medical care of Alfie, my teacher's son. Please support me by donating.

My Story

Lily is my English class teacher and was my sister's teacher 2 years ago. She is a great teacher and my family and I are very fond of her.
Her son, Alfie, got very sick. His bone marrow does not produce enough red cells (aplastic anemia).

I participate in an open water swimming challenge with my classmates: we will swim around Middle Island in Hong Kong for more than 2 kilometers.

This is my first time to swim in the ocean. I'm scared, but I am trying my best to help raise money for Alfie's medical treatments.

Please also visit our blog for more details;

Thank you very much for your support!


Recent Donors

  • Kayoko Sugiura

    HKD 1,000 07/28/2020 10:46:00 AM UTC

  • yuichiro inoue

    ナオミさん、2キロ泳ぐのがんばってね! 先生の息子さんが回復されることを心からお祈りします。

    HKD 500 07/12/2020 10:19:56 AM UTC

  • Mihoko & Yoshi

    Naomiちゃん、Alfie君のため、よく頑張ったね!Alfie君のご家族を心から応援しています。 おじいちゃん👴🏻おばあちゃん👵🏻より

    JPY 10,000 07/12/2020 02:44:50 AM UTC

  • Tae Cooper

    Naomi I’m so proud of you for a good cause activity. All what you do will bring everyone s prayer and that save a precious life. Go girl!

    USD 20 07/11/2020 01:03:42 AM UTC

  • Zaphiel Cooper

    I hope you do good in when your swimming good luck

    USD 20 07/11/2020 12:56:38 AM UTC

  • Sebastian Cooper

    Good luck

    USD 20 07/11/2020 12:48:07 AM UTC

  • Nicolas & Masami DUFER

    ナオミちゃん、頑張って! 応援してるよー!

    JPY 5,000 07/11/2020 12:44:46 AM UTC

  • Makiko Horie


    HKD 500 07/09/2020 01:19:07 PM UTC

  • Maki Ishizuka

    Dear Emi and Naomi, Thank you so much for sharing this. I am more than happy to support your challenge. Good luck with your swim, Naomi-chan. I know you can do it. I hope to see you all again soon :)

    HKD 500 07/09/2020 12:54:52 PM UTC

  • Saori Satterthwaite

    HKD 500 07/09/2020 11:39:15 AM UTC

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