We, FOREVERs from Malaysia will show our support to both UNICEF and their ambassador EVERGLOW to make a change to the world. Come and join us!

My Story

"The crown that blossomed above your head
And this promised world
It’s all yours, don’t ever forget
Because we’ll keep this promise again" ㅡ EVERGLOW (Promise, 2021)

MYFOREVER is a Malaysian fanbase of EVERGLOW, a six-member girl group from South Korea. We are working as a fanbase to show support to UNICEF, as advertised by EVERGLOW. 

We believe every child in this world has the rights to experience a better life. We hope with this small movement will help them and make a change for a better future. 

FOREVERs, let's join hand in hand with EVERGLOW to support UNICEF from now on!

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