Colorectal Cancer Survivor Muhin braves 4,095 meters Mount Kinabalu on 25 August. He truly believes that nothing is impossible to overcome. He wants to help others with cancer but he does not have access to internet. You can realise his dream by making a DONATION here. Thank You!

My Story

Hello everyone!   Let me introduce Muhin from Pulau Banggi, Kudat, Sabah a Colorectal Cancer Survivor. He is joining me for Klimb Kinabalu this year; 24 - 27 August.

His cancer journey is rough.  To get to Hospital Likas, Muhin takes a two hour ferry ride from Pulau Banggi where he lives to Kudat and  thereafter endures another 3 hours on land to Hospital Likas.  Having had a rough day ourselves, we tend to utter ‘we are sick and tired’ but no matter, however sick and tired Muhin gets, he still continues with his treatment.  At the ward, he speaks with other cancer patients to keep their spirits high.  He gives emotional support and cheers them up.  

48 years old Muhin is currently unemployed. He receives a monthly financial assistance from MAKNA.  He is a very strong individual.  He heard from my Volunteer Unit colleague about MAKNA’s annual Kinabalu climb and became very keen to be involved in it.  He truly believes that his act will motivate others’ surviving cancer that nothing is impossible to overcome.  

To all reading my story here, though Muhin is fighting with cancer, he is never ever tired of facing the coming days with hope.  I suppose this is what gets me going at work i.e. the heroes braving cancer - I am well and able and I shall help; and why not.  

Today, it is because of you, Muhin gets access to treatment. Myself Vem, humbly seek for your support to help many more like Muhin.  The struggle is real and the journey is long. Join me in the journey – fight against cancer!  

Please donate. Thank you.  

Sincerely, Vem (Vemanna)

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    All the best to the team on the Kinabalu Climb 2018! Stay safe & enjoy the journey.

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    Muhin, Keep fighting!! God Bless you.

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    Good luck Muhin

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