I'm making a difference by raising money for a cause close to my heart. You don't have to be Muslim to stand with Palestine, you just need to be human. Please support me by donating generously and be healthy together.

My Story

The world might be a little disrupted and its important to keep active and look after your physical and mental health. 

What a better way to stay fit during lockdown and challenge yourself to complete 5km, 10k, 20 km or whatever KM that make you happy for the next 2 weeks. I will divided into two period:

Period 1 : Tuesday - Saturday, 8-12 June 2021
Period 2: Tuesday - Saturday, 15- 19 June 2021

You are not only running with me virtually, and if you need some moral support or would like to discuss your training plan, training tips and need a suggestion in planning a simple diet program, you can DM @novabelle_22 – all to motivate you to achieve your target.

This is how it works:

  1. Complete your run every day, take a picture of your fitness tracker/ yourself, upload in your social media and tag @lfm4humanity and @Novabelle_22 every day until we have completed Period 2
  2. At the end of your 10th day, calculate your total mileage (km) and contribute RM 3/KM to my fundraising page at and choose Move4Humanity with Nova Hall  
  3. Feel free to donate more than you have achieved
  4. Don’t forget to use the following hashtags #runwithnova #move4humanity #lfm4humanity #cintagazamalaysia #charityrun #novachallangeno4 in your postings
You know me, I would do anything to see a smile in those children faces again. I can only do this if we are together contribute and donate generously. We need to raise USD 200/month/family and our target is to provide 40 families a safe home for 6 months and that is USD 48,000.

Spread the good cause with your friends and family. Stay safe and push yourself a little bit harder every day.

Much Love,

Nova Hall 

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