Hey, I'm Andrea! Dance is my passion and I am advocate of introducing the love of dance to others. I'm making a difference by raising money for a cause close to my heart. Please support me by donating.

My Story

Dare to dance your way 

Welcome: I am Andrea. Join my Tuesday classes to learn more about musicality and to shake off all the daily stress with Latin and Argentine Tango Rhythms. It will be easy to follow for all levels. Just like my Dance parties.

Available classes:
Tuesday 16th February 4.00-5.00pm Latin Rhythm dance class
Tuesday 23rd February 4.00-5.00pm  Tango Rhythm dance class
Tuesday 2nd March 4.00-5.00pm  Rumba Rhythm dance class
Tuesday 9th March 6.00-7.00pm   Tango Rhythm dance class

More about my background:

A Certified Sport and Social Dance Coach with 30 years of dance experience

Social dance/Ballroom/Latin /Argentine Tango Dance Trainer/Therapeutic Art Life Coach

To receive the zoom link, please donate a minimum of RM30 (per class you want to attend) via the donate button and make sure that you allow us to see your email address when submitting the donation. (anonymous donors will not receive zoom link and class access)You'll receive the link 1 hour before class begin, then just join in and have fun!

Our Fundraising Goal - MOVE FOR HOPE

There are currently 36 families enrolled with the school Hope Learning Center, all of whom need stable internet connectivity, so our aim is to raise RM 70,000 so we can provide them with the services they need for the next year. 

Head to our main fundraising event page for more information -->

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    Wonderful initiative :)

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    Good luck with the Hope Learning Centre for the children.

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