Let us work together to give hope and build a better future for every child in need.

My Story

Hello! I'm Nicole Concepcion, a UNICEF Philippines authorized volunteer fundraiser from Doha, Qatar.

 As I started to donate monthly to UNICEF, I'm here to raise funds for underprivileged children in my home country, the Republic of the Philippines. I believe that by helping one another, we can provide a better future for every child in need. I humbly knock on your hearts and inviting you to take part in our fundraising campaign.

Make a Resolution for Filipino Children

The poorest and most disadvantaged children are fighting all kinds of battles every day. They face multiple threats from the effects of the pandemic, multiple emergencies, rising poverty and inequality, and interruption of essential services.

You can make a promise to children in need. Donate monthly to UNICEF with our Resolution for Two and give Filipino children the chance of a better tomorrow.

With your regular support, we can help more disadvantaged children get access to: education, protection, health and nutrition, clean water, sanitation & hygiene, and lifesaving support after emergencies.

HELP OUR FILIPINO CHILDREN by making a donation to UNICEF today!

Here are sample of where your donations go:

One-Time Donations:

800php/16.65usd - Can help save 1 child from severe acute malnutrition with medicines and treatment

1,500php/31.22usd - Can help vaccinate 1 child for protection against preventable diseases

3,500php/72.85usd- Can help provide early learning to 1 child through home-based learning activities

Monthly Donations:

600php/12.49usdCan help save 2 children from severe acute malnutrition with medicines and treatment

750php/15.61usd - Can help vaccinate 6 children and protect them from preventable diseases

1,000php/20.82usd - Can help provide early learning to 15 young children through home-based learning activities

By supporting UNICEF, you are helping not just one child but generations of children to come. Your support enables UNICEF to continue its work to give children access to education, clean water, health care, and protection against violence, abuse and exploitation--whether this means working on the ground with communities or influencing laws and policies that protect children's rights.

Out of every peso donated, 75 centavos goes directly to helping children and 25 centavos is reinvested to generate additional funds for children. UNICEF is funded solely by voluntary contributions, so every peso counts!

All donations made through this platform will be automatically remitted to UNICEF Philippines' bank account by simplygiving.

Let us bridge the gaps and work together to bring this to an end. God bless you all!

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    PHP 10,000 05/05/2021 06:28:40 PM UTC

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