With UN Women, let's help women and girls in need by helping yourself getting items you need from Minji's Bazaar in Bangkok!

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Updated 15 March


Dear my colleagues and friends in Bangkok!

I am leaving Bangkok on 24 March after finishing my 1-year experience at UN Women Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific. I have a variety of items i have used and they are all in very good quality. Now, I want to give them to others who need them the most right now, instead of throwing them away. And further, i thought it would be even better if i can raise a small fund for refugee women and girls in our region by this! So, i would like to open a bazzar with my items until i leave this country!

This is how it works.
1. Choose items you need from Minji's bazaar list.
2. Donate certain amount of money you would like to pay for the item you choose.
3. Leave comments mentioning the item you would like to get.
4. The person who donates the biggest amount for same items would win the item.
5. If you are the only one who donated for an item, you will win the item!

The bazaar is until 23 March and i will send the winners the items they win on the last day of the bazaar!
*No delivery fee to anywhere in Bangkok.

<Minji's Bazzar Item List>

1. My own paintings on canvas (2)
2. Korean food collection box. (randomly selected)
3. A ring with turquoise stone. (from Koh Chang)
4. Authentic leather-covered diary.
5. Mosquito wrist bands. (Essential when you go traveling)
6. Sunglasses (brown frame)
7. Black and white style IKEA beddings. (1 duvet, 2 pillows)
8. 3 different sized mug set.
9. Facial mask sheets. (from Korea)
10. Soju (Korean drink, like whisky)
11. Portable tool set
12. Electric kettle
13. Mini USB lamp and USB port set
14. Laptop sleeve

Please join me in raising a fund for UN Women Asia-Pacific and supporting them helping more and more women and girls in need! Thank you for your support :)

Recent Donors

  • Marie Palitzyne

    Thanks Minji! Great cause! Would love to have the beautiful Victory Monument painting!!

    USD 20 16/03/2019

  • Bella

    Black and white style IKEA beddings (1 duvet, 2 pillows) please

    THB 350 12/03/2019

  • Hyungjun Jo

    Authenthic leather-covered diary plz

    KRW 10,000 11/03/2019

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