I am making a difference by raising money for a cause close to my heart. Please support me by donating.

My Story

The Angels Zumbathon® is back for its 7th year - the largest and most renowned Zumba® event in Hong Kong and we are expecting about 500 participants.  We will dance together for 4 hours and raise funds for Angels for Children.

February 2018 was the first time I participated in this event after I started my career as a Zumba instructor for 5 months.  Since then, I have been working very hard to become a better instructor and I am so excited to announce that I will be on stage this time to lead.

Dear Friends and Family : You can be someone's Angel today.  Let's all pitch in and let the world be a better place!  All contributions, big or small are very much appreciated.

Thank you so much for your support.

Angels for Children is a small Hong Kong based non-for-profit charity.  They raise funds to help improve the lives of children living in South East Asia. Angels for Children is run completely by volunteers and we depend on the support of sponsors to keep our event costs low so that all the money raised goes to where it is needed the most – the children.

All money raised will go to support two programmes for Po Leung Kuk; the Children’s All Rounded Development Programme (CARDP) and the Life Education Project (LEP)

Recent Donors

  • We Team Company Limited

    HKD 1,128 08/31/2019 03:33:35 AM UTC

  • Wai Tak Cheung

    HKD 2,000 08/31/2019 03:02:58 AM UTC

  • Chi Kam Ng


    HKD 300 08/31/2019 02:57:11 AM UTC

  • Mavis Ming Miang Tan

    You can do it!!!

    HKD 300 08/31/2019 02:37:10 AM UTC

  • Jackie Lim

    Have Fun Ming Yi 💃👯👍❤️😍

    HKD 200 08/30/2019 10:32:22 PM UTC

  • Mary Suen

    HKD 500 08/28/2019 03:57:41 AM UTC

  • Doug Fluker

    HKD 500 08/18/2019 12:36:51 PM UTC

  • Constance Soh

    HKD 200 08/18/2019 11:16:53 AM UTC

  • Angel Ma

    Dance my heart out as well, you can do it! Go Ming Yi Go!

    CAD 100 06/07/2019 09:16:20 PM UTC

  • carol Au Yeung

    HKD 200 06/01/2019 01:03:34 AM UTC

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