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My Story

Mental health problems are among the leading causes of disabilities around the world, with depression being the third. 1 in 5 adults experience mental health problems, accounting for 15% of the total global burden of disease and the vast majority of these individuals do not receive the care that we know can transform their lives. I have been training hard by walking up every escalator! 

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  • Brenda Wong

    When the going gets tough, remember why you started! All the best Jacob!

    SGD 50 04/04/2019

  • Nicholas Tan

    All the best Jacob!

    SGD 25 04/04/2019

  • Elly Chew

    All the best Jacob!

    HKD 500 01/04/2019

  • Adrian Lius

    All the best, Jacob!

    HKD 350 30/03/2019

  • Catherine Davis

    Thanks for taking one for the team and representing Private Side :-)

    HKD 500 26/03/2019

  • Bonnie Wong

    Add Oil Jacob!

    HKD 500 26/03/2019

  • Van

    Cheers for the good cause!

    HKD 200 26/03/2019

  • Camilla

    Nice work Jacob - all the best for the trek

    HKD 250 26/03/2019

  • Sanjana Bardhan

    You go Jacob!!!

    HKD 500 26/03/2019

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