The education of children anywhere is a priority. For me to be able to initiate my own small difference, please assist financially.

My Story

I started teaching at Manna House Centre and immediately fell in love with the keen innocence and eagerness to learn of the children. Naturally each of them is different in their own way, meaning each one's learning method is also different. I have seen my colleagues and I dedicate our time and teach them and that has helped immensely. However, I cannot turn a blind eye to other factors with will affect their living as well as ability to learn effectively. These issues can be fixed with your financial support through provisions such as food, clothes and even stationery. It will all go a long way in assisting the children and their families who at times can barely survive. You and I can lend a hand to give them a chance to a better future. REMEMBER, WE DO NOT GIVE BECAUSE WE HAVE BUT WE GIVE BECAUSE THE NEED ARISES. This is a secure charity fundraiser page and rest assured all your proceeds will go to serve their purpose. Thank you!!

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    We rise by lifting each other.

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    From your loving friend, Knox

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