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My Story

To be honest, I really don't know how this works but I think there's nothing I can lose as I can't think of another way to be ready in the upcoming challenges we may encounter as furparents.

So today, please do allow me to share a story that you may already have heard but ultimately, this experience made me realized that love is not only acquired from humans or intended for us. It can also be felt as well from your pets. I thought that's only on movies but it's entirely true.

Having a pet isn't really my plan, but it is probably God's plan for us.

Last 2018, we have gone into Manila PH with my partner to be with my sister's family to help in taking care of my nephew because he just started his class at grade's school and it's kinda complicated for their sched so we had to go there since I don't work tranditionally from 9-5pm job anyway, and do work online, so no worries.

To make it short, we met Chummy and Lala (our Shih Tzu pets) in my sister's home in Metro Manila. Even though I am not ready to be closed to any pet or don't want to have one because I am focused to my career growth online, and I didn't like the idea having pets as it will only add up to my responsibilties right that time while I am aiming a goal in life. But yet eventually we had no choice. We became closed to them (Lala and Chummy) as we cannot deny how cute they are and charming.

You can watch a few of Lala and Chummy's videos here youtube[.]com/mauwikz to witness how charming they are.
And here is their official FB page facebook[.] com/chummylala

I didn't noticed but we eventually became responsible for both these babies and acted as they were our own.

Fast forward... we came back home in CDO with the babies and Lala got pregnant with Chummy later on.

In January 7, 2021, our baby Lala started feeling uneasy which they say "she's in labor" and since we have been very updated to her checkup schedules, the regular Vet Clinic we used to go to said that her schedule will be within January 10-15 but yet we need to be prepared even on Jan 05, 2021.

Since the first checkup, we tried raising funds through our personal incomes and loan to be prepared if anything necessary happens like doing a CS Procedure since Shih Tzus usually have cases like it especially at their first time of giving birth.

On her time of labor, January 7th, Lala (our Shih Tzu, baby love) probably knows we are in debt and understood the need to do a normal delivery so she tried her best to achieve it. To what I can remember, that was at 11:30pm when she was startedto feel obvoiusly not okay, seems like "this is it". And since night isn't the best time for labor because we don't know any Vet Clinic open within hours that night, I was very very worried. I tried to reach out a few clinics and ofcourse including our regular Vet Clinic who has told us that they do not accept any emergency outside office hours.

Some told us we can go to them anytime that night but when we called them, nobody answered. At 12:30am, we decided to go to any clinic we can go to.

We drove for 2 hours on the road to look everywhere in the city from Camella Homes to Puerto and the moment we lost our hope, Furcare Vet Clinic has answered our call. They accepted us and support our baby Lala to deliver 2 little babies (normal delivery) and we dis our part as well. Lala has been very strong. She probably want everything to be normal as what we wanted to. She knows we need her to deliver a normal birth procedure so she did in 2 hours interval. We cried when she first delivered her first baby because we really see how she has struggled to go forward for a normal delivery herself as she knows and understood the consequences for us and yet after the second one, we waited 4:30am to 1pm and yet our Baby Lala hasn't yet delivered the 3rd one, so we along with the Doctor/Vet decided to do CS procedure and I believe it was a success.

My tears burst out but in silence when I realized that the 3rd baby is safe... It's really overwhelming. We are very thankful for everything. But yet until today, I am still worried for our baby Lala and really hoping for her fast recovery in regards the surgery as I cannot imagine how life will be when losing your baby especially this pandemic.
No more waiting for you to come home, excited to cuddle with you. No more hugs and kisses and playful gestures like rubbing her tummy until she goes to sleep. No more barking when she's hungry and runs off against you when you seem playing around with her. No more asking you to be beside her when she feels sleepy already in the middle of the night.

Lala is a very sweet dog along with our boy chummy and I can feel their love towards everyone who surrounds them, especially, our girl Lala, even if she can be too snob sometimes but her act of innocence is extremely cute which is why I know that when you spend a few hours with her in a room, you surely be amused.

Back to the story:

After the successful operation that day, we initially paid the bill but yet our new Mommy Shih Tzu and babies are still in confinement and our Lala needs to recover within the Vet clinic or nearby her Vet/Doctor which we extremely agreed upon but we don't know when can she finally be 100% recovered from any complication though plus our bill is running in a daily basis, so we hope anyone out there who is willing and can help us cope up with the bill later on, we would really appreciate it.

And in case you may want to ask, "Why do you even need some help? Don't you already have a decent job?". I do run my business at kindtechgroup[.]net but it's not enough.
To be honest, I was in debt due to having an issue with my payment processor (paypal). They have hold my money, all savings in that account since September 2020 and what I earn today or nowadays are only enough for us to eat, pay the necessary usual bills as a human being and for my company resources. Sometimes it's not even enough, especially now that I am not able to work well due to worrying a lot for our baby Lala. We visit her everyday in her clinic so she don't feel alone even though the environment out there is awesome but still we need to be there because we want to.

I do have a partner helping out but yet as told, it's probably not enough to cover all the recovery bills for our baby. We are really not sure though if we can handle it at the moment she is released but we just want to be ready in case not at the moment.

The money ofcourse will be used for all invoices paid and will be paying for our Baby Lala's hospital bill and further expenses while in recovery mode.

For Anyone interested to help, thank you very much. May your souls be blessed more and your family, love ones and so on, especially your pets.

Once again, here's a few of Lala and Chummy's videos here youtube[.]com/mauwikz to witness how charming they are.

And here is their official FB page facebook[.] com/chummylala

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