It's January and my birthday is round the corner, instead of gifts and well wishes, kindly please donate to LAP, an animal welfare charity in Hong Kong which I have served for 4 years. Making a difference is what LAP does!

My Story

Growing up with animals of all shape and sizes, it is Mary's lifelong passion to contribute to the betterment of animal welfare in Hong Kong. Mary began volunteering for LAP as an adoption center duty manager, and later event and marketing coordinator. Through her 4 years of service, Mary has given media interviews, written articles and delivered workshops promoting animal welfare and care in Hong Kong. She has rescued, fostered and adopted animals such as dogs, cats and hamsters for LAP. Mary is also a student veterinary nurse at the City University of Hong Kong with experience in small animals and wildlife care. 

Recent Donors

  • Thomas Chan

    Keep up the good work and happy birthday, sorry for the late donation

    HKD 200 01/17/2021 03:58:16 AM UTC

  • Solomon Leung

    Very happy birthday by making a difference🙏🏻

    HKD 500 01/15/2021 04:20:57 AM UTC

  • Ancel Zhu

    HKD 200 01/10/2021 08:36:22 AM UTC

  • Sarah Z

    HKD 200 01/09/2021 08:51:39 AM UTC

  • B

    HKD 500 01/06/2021 12:41:16 AM UTC

  • Yoyo Siu n Vicky Lam

    Sending love by me n Vicky🎂 to Mary 🎊

    HKD 200 01/05/2021 04:07:20 PM UTC

  • Inti Tam

    HKD 500 01/04/2021 04:25:42 AM UTC

  • Cherie Eliana

    Great initiative, Mary! Happy Birthday too x

    HKD 200 01/04/2021 03:37:28 AM UTC

  • Kwong Sham

    HKD 200 01/04/2021 01:28:06 AM UTC

  • Amelyon

    Happy birthday fellow Jan baby! Add oil LAP :D

    HKD 2,500 01/03/2021 06:31:13 AM UTC

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