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My Story

As some of you already know, it’s been 7 years since I started working for Friends. Never have I imagined that I will stay in one job for more than 12 months – not to mention 7 years! Even I wonder what keeps me going sometimes! By living here in Phnom Penh and working closely with other #EverydayHeroes, which is how we call our Social Workers, Teachers, Doctors, I see change happening from one day to another. For example, last year we worked with more than 50,000 individuals. This means:
  • Children and families provided with immediate medical care
  • Out of school kids provided with remedial classes and reintegrated back to schools
  • Children reunited safely with their families 
  • Caretakers supported to keep their family together through skill training and employment
  • Youth supported to gain access to vocational training and later on find jobs or start their ventures
  • And much more.
Not only do we provide direct service, but we are also changing the system so that everyone gets involved, the community, the government, other NGO’s, businesses, donors – all of us work very hard together to ensure that one day we run out of business. Maybe that will be the day when I’ll finally move on because I won’t have a job anymore.
Until then, I will work and put my running shoes on. By running I will burn calories, and more importantly also raise money. By sponsoring me you will not only enable an #EverydayHero to change a person’s life through Friends’ services – but you will also change a broken system so that one day, every child can have the opportunity to learn and live in a supportive society, and go after their dreams.
My goal this year is to find 100 people who share this idea with me and who are ready to contribute an amount they feel is appropriate. Whatever you are willing to contribute is appreciated! 

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