From now till 23 April 2021, I will be sharing my favourite books and unusual places to read! Please support Bring Me a Book!

My Story

To celebrate International Children’s Book Day (April 2) and World Book Day (April 23), I am joining Bring Me A Book Hong Kong's campaign to fund raise to help the under-privileged population to raise their children's reading awareness. I have always loved reading and my parents started reading with me since I was 2 months old. I would like to share with you my favourite books and my passion for books. I hope you'd enjoy these books too. Please support Bring Me a Book and make a donation such that more children could have the fun of reading. 

Recent Donors

  • Emma Ng

    Support you Marcus!!! :)

    HKD 300 04/23/2021 02:37:31 PM UTC

  • Anita Li

    HKD 500 04/22/2021 02:46:17 PM UTC

  • Winnie and Nelson Leung

    Keep up your good work Marcus !

    HKD 500 04/22/2021 11:39:07 AM UTC

  • Maria Ho

    HKD 500 04/20/2021 03:25:01 PM UTC

  • Angela Law

    Well done Marcus!

    HKD 300 04/19/2021 03:07:54 PM UTC

  • Joanna Chan

    Marcus, enjoy your life long reading journey!

    HKD 800 04/19/2021 12:45:56 PM UTC

  • Seraphina Wong

    Dear Marcus. Keep up with reading. Knowledge is your best friend 😊

    HKD 500 04/19/2021 11:32:38 AM UTC

  • Teresa Fung

    We’ll done Marcus!

    HKD 200 04/19/2021 08:03:25 AM UTC

  • Amanda Wong

    HKD 500 04/19/2021 07:14:12 AM UTC

  • Lui Mei Shan

    HKD 200 04/19/2021 04:24:24 AM UTC

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