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MalaysiaELF together with 'K-POP Fan Clubs Fundraising for UNICEF Malaysia'

On 2017 and 2018, we started to collect fundraising on behalf of Super Junior as a project for their 12th debut anniversary and also 13th debut anniversary to make the world a better place for children to grow. Siwon as the ambassador for UNICEF Korea makes us proudly participate for UNICEF Malaysia. In 2019, once again we joined UNICEF Malaysia for 'K-POP Fan Clubs Fundraising for UNICEF Malaysia' and this time for Super Junior 14th debut Anniversary. 

Malaysian ELF, come and join us!!

Together you and I can make a difference for children- @siwonchoi

Dateline : Our SUJU Anniversary Debut! 

DM us if you need help! 
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  • Alessandra Rengga

    Hoping this simple offering will make better changes towards those who needed it most 💙 much love 💙

    MYR 100 10/31/2019 07:25:32 AM UTC

  • Nur Di hujung jalan

    Love all of you elf malaysia

    MYR 10 10/31/2019 07:06:23 AM UTC

  • Anonymous

    Urinen E.L.F ieyo!

    MYR 10 10/26/2019 01:03:37 PM UTC

  • Shay Yusof

    MYR 150 10/15/2019 04:49:55 AM UTC

  • Anonymous

    MYR 10 10/10/2019 04:57:10 AM UTC

  • SJ

    MYR 50 10/01/2019 01:18:21 PM UTC


    MYR 20 09/22/2019 08:19:38 AM UTC

  • Anonymous

    MYR 96 09/21/2019 01:08:39 PM UTC

  • DH8Elfish

    Just a small amount of donation, hope it helps the children !

    MYR 33 09/18/2019 01:56:39 PM UTC

  • Anonymous

    i just see the post about this donation. not a kpopers but it is good make a donation for the kids. i hope this will help them.. not too much but i really want to help them. thankyou

    MYR 10 09/10/2019 12:37:51 PM UTC

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