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Help us make a difference by raising money for stateless and underprivileged children in Malaysia! Please support by donating.

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Stateless children are invisible, with no access to support or services. Please support by donating to help realise their basic rights and needs.
More than 290,000 children living in Malaysia are denied access to government schools or public healthcare services. They don’t have citizenship of any country. In most cases, this is because they were born in Malaysia to underprivileged non-Malaysian mothers. They are not able to travel out of the country, and when they grow up, they won’t be able to gain legal employment or get married. Their own children will have the same fate.

Yayasan Chow Kit (YCK), a foundation dedicated to helping vulnerable children and youth, has been assisting stateless children obtain birth certificates and find adoptive parents since its establishment in 2008. Among them are two young brothers, now aged 8 and 9. Ananti Rajasingam from YCK explains: “They were born out of wedlock to an Indonesian woman and her Malaysian partner, and later abandoned. They came to us when they were just four years old. When we contacted the Indonesian Embassy in the hopes of finding the mother, it turned out they had no records of such person”. She may have been staying in the country illegally, and in the fear of getting caught, misstated her name in the children’s birth certificates. It is a common story; according to Ananti, many underprivileged parents are not aware of how profoundly the lack of papers will affect their child’s future.

Help Yayasan Chow Kit to help these siblings and the dozens of other underprivileged children who seek shelter at the foundation’s drop-in centres every day!
Funds are needed for accommodation, meals, school fees, healthcare, therapy and legal services for the children.

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