My Story

As a Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) survivor, I have received tremendous support from family, relatives, friends & society. The efficient patient programme I am enrolled in has given me access to treatment & drugs. I am well & strong today.
For this, it is time for me to give back so others can receive the support I have been blessed with. 
In 2017 I climbed Mount Kinabalu but did not summit due to fear of heights,
in 2018 I reached the peak holding the assuring hand of my abang "guide",
in 2019, for the 3rd time, I will HOLD THE HAND of another climber to share our burden together as no one walks alone.
Let's join hands together to raise much needed funds for the cancer community, I urge one & all to put in a small token to this cause, it will make a difference as everyone has a role.  

Thank you | terima kasih | xie xie | nandri 

Recent Donors

  • Amber & Sherrie Gan

    MYR 297 31/07/2019

  • Premesha Motha

    MYR 300 31/07/2019

  • LEE PC

    You can do it. All the best!!

    MYR 1,000 28/07/2019

  • Rosalynn Poh

    MYR 300 18/07/2019

  • Mary Chan

    LiLi Gan, on! on!

    MYR 100 16/07/2019

  • Serina Rahman

    You're amazing Li Li!

    MYR 300 05/07/2019

  • abd razak muhamad

    MYR 150 01/07/2019

  • Ee Lynn Wong

    You are an inspiration to me and others, dear Li Li! Stay strong, Super Woman!

    MYR 150 01/07/2019

  • Anonymous

    MYR 843 01/07/2019

  • Farm Buddy ❤️

    MYR 750 30/06/2019

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