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I have been teaching HipHop classes for the youth at KL Krash Pad for 3 years now. I call them the 'kool kids' because they are always keen to learn, full of energy and have good musicality in dancing, loves singing and even rapping!
During our time together, the group has grown so much, from being shy during the first few sessions, to being able to communicate when we have international dancers and local musicians sharing workshops, expressing themselves well and performing confidently in public showcases. They turn up for class no matter rain or shine, always ready to share good vibes, and they have taught me the values of dedication, support and love. 
Yayasan Chow Kit does tremendous work in providing a safe haven for at-risk children and youth to grow in a holistic and supportive environment, equipping them with social skills and academic achievements, and keeping them out of dangers on the streets. The function of YCK is very important in helping stateless youths find their voice and achieve greater potential in their lives, providing them with opportunities just as any child would deserve. Indeed, every child matters, and every little bit counts. Your support will help YCK on their continuous effort in protecting and championing child rights. 
我在KL Krash Pad教嘻哈舞蹈课已有3年了。我称孩子们为 "Kool Kids",因为他们总是热衷于学习,充满活力,并且在舞蹈,唱歌和说唱方面都具有很好的音乐天赋!
Yayasan Chow Kit在为高危儿童和青少年提供一个充满支持与完整的环境成长,并可以学习社交技能和提高学业成就,而避免在街头上的危险活动,让他们有个安全的避风港, YCK的功能非常重要,对于帮助无国籍的年轻人找到自己的声音并在生活中发挥更大的潜力,为他们提供任何儿童应有的机会。确实,每个孩子都很重要,每一点一滴都给予很大的帮忙。您的支持将帮助YCK继续努力维护儿童权利。

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