Let us support BTS "Love Myself" campaign for the benefit of UNICEF. Donate in just one click and make a difference!

My Story

In this challenging time, this year I would like to make my birthday celebration more memorable and meaningful.

Please join me in supporting BTS “Love Myself” campaign for UNICEF. BTS, a famous Korean group, has been raising funds globally for UNICEF since 2017.

It is even more challenging for children who have limited support for their basic needs and education. I thank BTS for supporting UNICEF, my current employer, for their work to ensure that every child benefits from loving, nurturing, safe and supportive relationships in the home and community. Working under the Operations unit of UNICEF Philippines, I have been providing support to my colleagues who have been in the field and seen the most vulnerable communities in our country.

By supporting the campaign, through your donations, you are helping Filipino children at risk:

  • survive and thrive in their first 1,000 days of life
  • continue learning through online and offline modes of education
  • get protection from violence, abuse and exploitation
  • get lifesaving support in emergencies

It is safe and secure because all donations go directly to UNICEF Philippines’ SimplyGiving account.

As a member of ARMY (BTS’ official fandom name), I thank you in advance for making a difference and helping me support BTS campaign for UNICEF.

PS: For those who sent in their donations by 31 October 2021 will be entitled to join a raffle to win a BTS merchandise, from yours truly.

Please get in touch with me at if you need further information.

Photo credit: UNICEF Philippines

Recent Donors

  • Sereena Joy

    Happiest birthday, Nette! Thank you for spreading (BTS) love! <3

    PHP 1,000 08/19/2021 10:53:52 AM UTC

  • Anonymous

    "Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them." - Lady Bird Johnson

    PHP 500 08/17/2021 12:29:58 AM UTC

  • Tony and Ruth Oseo

    PHP 500 08/15/2021 11:49:24 AM UTC

  • Gina Sales

    Thank you for all that you do to protect children everywhere. You are true Army. Borahae! 💜

    PHP 1,000 08/15/2021 11:28:15 AM UTC

  • Kristine Carbon

    Happy Birthday Nette!!! Thank you for supporting BTS’ Love Myself with UNICEF! Borahae 💜

    PHP 613 08/15/2021 11:12:03 AM UTC

  • Ryan Jay Jamora

    PHP 200 08/15/2021 10:55:36 AM UTC

  • Nette Jamora

    PHP 1,500 08/15/2021 10:51:45 AM UTC

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