I'm making a difference by raising money for our beloved teacher's son. Please support me by donating. thanks a lot for your support.It is a wonderful challenge for me and my classmates!

My Story

We were home schooling during 4 months , we were about to come back to school and Lily's son was getting sick and now we are raising money and trying to help Alfie , Lily's son !  

We welcome all donations through this SimplyGiving website (a small fee will be deducted from your donation, for the service provided by SimplyGiving), or directly to Alfie's family’s account if possible:


Bank Name     HSBC

Bank Account No#   503 566176 292
Bank Account Name Lily PINCKNEY

PayMe: to +852 6801 2588 or Scan the ‘PayMe QR code’ shown on the right, to pay --> 



Bank name: Lloyds Bank
Account no: 00521412
Sort-code: 30-98-74
Account name: Lily PINCKNEY


Bank name: Lloyds Bank
Account no: 00092485
Sort-code: 30-96-61
Account name: Charles P Pinckney

Recent Donors

  • Famille Norman

    Bravo Louis on est épatés par ta performance! Continues comme ça, tu es un bel exemple. Bisous!!! Maxence, Liam, Aden et Elodie

    HKD 800 07/11/2020 06:35:40 PM UTC

  • BRUMEAUX Augustin

    HKD 200 07/10/2020 09:00:47 AM UTC

  • Vincent Sahuc

    HKD 500 07/10/2020 06:58:28 AM UTC

  • Michel et Véronique Brumeaux

    Cher Louis, nous sommes très fiers que toi et tes copains réalisent ce beau projet pour Alfie. Nous te souhaitons bon courage pour le challenge. Nous t'embrassons très fort Grand-père

    HKD 1,500 07/03/2020 03:00:11 AM UTC

  • Olivier Hollette

    Bravo Louis pour ce que vous faites (toi et tes amis) pour Alfie, on est derrière vous ! Bon courage pour le challenge !

    HKD 500 07/02/2020 08:58:04 AM UTC

  • Ludivine & Nico

    Bravo Louis pour ce challenge et on envoie toutes nos bonnes ondes à Alfie!

    HKD 500 07/01/2020 06:18:32 AM UTC

  • Peggy Wurtz

    Good luck for your challenge.

    EUR 100 06/29/2020 06:52:48 PM UTC

  • Anonymous

    HKD 200 06/29/2020 07:31:24 AM UTC

  • Geneviève Pierre

    EUR 200 06/27/2020 01:37:16 PM UTC

  • Pauline Brumeaux

    Bravo Louis pour cette belle initiative !! Bon rétablissement à Alphie et bonne chance pour la nage.

    EUR 50 06/27/2020 10:26:45 AM UTC

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